Pick up the mess from last night
Put the dishes into the dishwasher

And run

Fold the laundry and put away
Put another load into the washer

And run

Scrub the kitchen counters
Pull out the vacuum

And run

Taking a deep breath it’s easy to sink into the silence
Slipping down into a chair for just a moment
A small break to give yourself a moment to think
But thinking is the problem.

Within the silence comes the voices
The oppressive criticisms
The vicious memory of past mistakes
The ‘you aren’t good enough’
The ‘quit being lazy’
The ‘hey stupids’
And you bolt up from the chair

And run

Gather the trash and take it out to the curb
Make the bed and wipe at the tears.

Run. Run far and fast.
Hope that the constant movement will quiet the voices
Silence the criticisms
Forge new memories to replace the past

Life becomes running
Constant and continuous.