The Aftermath

There is an ache in your heart where dreams used to be. A whisper of fear that lives where trust used to talk.

It’s the little shadows of a broken heart, twisted smokey wisps that linger long after the one who broke it is gone.

The pain has faded, and well enough too, but memories cling still.

Depression and it’s lies, “You aren’t good enough.” it says, “You can’t be happy now.”

But like all lies, when seen through the eyes of logic they hide.

It is a constant struggle, looking at things logically is not what emotional humans do.

But to many of us fragile humans, emotions are the breath of life.  They make it worth living.

So on we go, brushing off the shadows and driving away the lies so that we can continue to live on.

Living the experience that is life.  Good and bad, ups and downs, and the long times between which are delightfully, exquisitely dull.

This is life, and it is absolutely worth living.


The Prophet’s Web

So I have gone ahead and created a webcomic that I have been posting on it’s own page.  It’s called ‘The Prophet’s Web’ and already has 24 pages under it’s belt!

It’s a steampunk/fantasy side quest based off some of the Fiendish Pleasure’s characters.  I haven’t stopped writing Bloodlust and Betrayal, but the idea of combining words and art to tell a story has caught my attention enough that I have pushed on to create it fully.

So far I’m really enjoying creating it.  Finding that perfect pose, that twist of facial expression that I would normally describe in my writing about is exciting.  A picture speaks a thousand words.  I could spend ages describing a single panel, but by introducing the graphic aspects I can cut back on my written words, simplifying that aspect of the storytelling process.

The story is about the crew of The Jeweled Heron, the most successful merchant airship in all of Alexria.  After taking on a mysterious masked woman and her strange cargo things begin to fall apart for the dauntless crew.  This might be more of a trip than they bargained for!

If you are interested in seeing it you can head over to The Prophet’s Web and take a gander.  Feel free to let me know if you like it!

The Seeress 02