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I am but a flash in the greater scheme of things. Writing is but one source of my creativity. Some days I feel driven to write, pushed onward by a wave of obsession. Other days to even think of setting pen to paper turns my skin inside out. I love writing, and I hate it. My muse is a harsh mistress.

For me, writing is about the journey, the exploration of self and the world at large.  I love painting pictures inside the minds of my readers, filling out worlds and creating characters with depth and passion.

Most of my works are dark, full of fear and pain. Don’t worry, it is just a story, just a unhurried exploration of the wide and wonderful cosmos that we find ourselves in. It’s not all light and love my friends, sometimes the bad guy wins.

I am a huge comic book fiend as well, though I don’t care for dates and numbers.  I can’t tell you what issue Batman had his first kiss, or the date The Sandman first entered stores.  I don’t actually care.  Give me story, give me beautiful artwork drawn by people who can bring the world to life.  THAT is what brings me back to comics.  The emotion they invoke in their reader, the worlds they create, the stories they tell.  I can’t get enough.

My first love, my eternal passion, is beads.  I have had a love for beads since I was 8 years old.  Large beads that circle a throat or tiny beads, sewn together in perfect synchronization to create something more beautiful than any one bead could make.  Beads are our armor against a world that can be so filled with agony, a boost to our self-esteem, that one little sparkle that makes our night complete.  Am I exaggerating?  Not in the slightest.  I’ve been down into the darkest depths of depression, where pain and hopelessness are your only company.  I know the lies depression tells you.  Beads gave me hope, gave me something to focus on other than the despair of yet another day.  I can only hope that they do the same for others.

If you would like to contact me you are welcome to!  Just use the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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