For the last year I have been working on a comic set in the same world as Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones and The Demon Chronicles. The Prophet’s Web is a steampunk/fantasy comic that follows the adventures of the handsome Captain Boyd Rencoat, his quartermaster and first mate Eudora Tummond and the rest of the plucky crew of the airship known as The Jeweled Heron.

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There is only one ship that can make the trip across the hazardous Great Waters and back. The Jeweled Heron is the largest, most powerful ship in all of Alexria. Captain Rencoat, is the only merchant who can bring back the infamous “Dust”, a powder prized by doctors and madmen alike, from the lands to the far south. The strange drug has made the crew a tidy little sum over the years and unsurprisingly, a few enemies to boot. But it isn’t until they decide to take on a mysterious masked passenger and her cargo that things begin to really go south for them.

Unfortunately, in February 2018, I was three days late with paying the rent for the sim and my scenes were returned to me and the sim closed.  100% my fault, I was out of town and unable to log in to make the payment.  It was a deep blow to the comic and one that makes the creation of this comic impossible.  I simply do not have the extra time to try and set up another sim so that I can continue to tell my story in this format.

But never fear!  The story continues for you to enjoy, just in a different format.

If you would like to find out more, check out The Prophet’s Web website. The Captain and his crew are up to their necks in trouble!  (But then, aren’t they always?)