April’s Delights!

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If you aren’t following Dugan Apothecary on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you are missing out on some of my neat upcoming projects.

New Product!

I am working on making eye shadow kits.  Having a hard time finding just the right color?  I can help with that too!  Eye shadow available in compressed and loose powder, if there is interest I can include eye shadow creams as well!

Scent of the Month!

I have so many wonderful scents to share with you!  They will all be available as a beard balm, beard oil, lotion bar, and whipped body butter.  I will be posting more about this in a separate post so stay tuned!

Subscription Boxes!

I am looking at opening a Patreon for Dugan Apothecary!  Patreon will work wonderfully for my subscription boxes!  Sign up for the $25 or more level on Patreon and each month you will receive a box chock full of fun products!  Lotion bars, beard balms, beard oils, serums, whipped body butter, therapeutic oils, eye shadow, it changes every month so you can try out products you wouldn’t normally think to try!

Dugan’s Dapper Box (unisex) – You will have access to our full line of products! Lotion bars, beard balms, beard oils, serums, whipped body butter, therapeutic oils, eye shadow and any future offerings.

Dandy Dudes – You will have access to products that may interest those of the masculine variety! Lotion bars, beard balms, beard oils, whipped body butter, therapeutic oils, and any future offerings.

Delightful Dames – You will have access to products that may interest those of the feminine variety! Lotion bars, serums, whipped body butter, therapeutic oils, eye shadow and any future offerings.

I am still working out the kinks on the boxes, but if you are interested in subscribing, let me know and I will send you an email directly when they are up and running!

Storytime! – The Odd Cyclical Nature of Life.

Storytime! – I kinda like posting these little snippets into my life because my story matters, god damn it, I am not going to let someone else write it for me.
Okay, so after the divorce I was still a Massage Therapist down in Illinois. To keep my license I had to do a certain number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) a year. These CEUs were things like Ethics, Fascia Restrictions within Muscle Tissue and their Treatment, Energy Work, NMT training and the like. I’ve always been interested in healing people, but I took a very scientific approach to my Woo Woo healing, demanding results, instead of just accepting ‘conventional wisdom’. If I didn’t see noticeable improvement or never heard of any studies performed that proved it’s use, I simply didn’t use it.
That being said, I’ve seen some shit, so I still may go a little deeper on the mystical aspects than some are comfortable with, but everything I do is because I have some idea of what I’m talking about.
SO, I was looking into a Clinical Aromatherapy school and trying to save up when I met Mike. Needless to say, falling in love changed things. So did moving to Milwaukee and a shoulder injury that took away my ability to do massage entirely. That one shook me to my core. Here I had the perfect job for me and I lose it, completely unexpectedly. Taking classes for CEUs I no longer needed was the least of my concerns.
Things are calmer now than they were a few years ago and it’s allowed me to begin asking myself some of the big questions. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who do I want to be remembered as? What kind of person I want to be when they tell my story? I came to the conclusion that I want to be the kind of person who helps people. It never changed. I need to help people because that is who I am. Because I recognize the individual’s struggle and I want to make their burden easier to bear.
Clinical Aromatherapy isn’t an exact science, I dig it. But I’ve gotten back into it’s study with a vengeance and there is a lot more scientific information on it than I anticipated. Hospitals in France are using it with great results and we have some really good information from their studies. It’s a supportive therapy and very gentle. Exactly the type of therapy I prefer.
2017-10-22 14.28.38I’m geeking out.
I’m making stuff again and it feels fantastic. I feel… stable. It’s such a great feeling. I may not be able to continue to work massage, but I can still help people in some small way.
That’s all I need to make me feel like I’m ‘doing something important’ with my life. Something that matters.
So yeah. Geeking out on Clinical Aromatherapy. It’s a thing I do.