A Demon’s Thorn and The Elves’ Queen

(This story is from Na’amah’s pre-banished storyline, back when she had free reign to walk the earth.  Previously published I took it down to mull a few things over.  It returns again, enjoy!)

The Demon Queen sighs, and stretches on her throne, feeling her vertebrae cracking as she raises her arms above her head.  She has grown tired of listening to the petty news of the little lesser demon before her and growls.  He blinks up at her, eyes wide.

“I am tired, leave me.” She sighs, standing.  The lesser demon scrabbles back quickly, pulling his tail up out of the way in an attempt to avoid the sharp stiletto heels of her boots.

“Yes, My Queen.” The demon, she can’t recall his name, slides quickly into a crevice in the rock and disappears.
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