Rough Sketches

I have been thinking of doing a comic or graphic novel using Second Life as a art source for years.  I have never really pushed myself to work on it however because there was always something more important to do.

With my husband being sick these last few days I have had some down time to putz around on the computer a bit.  Here are some rough mock ups of some artwork I would love to include in a comic.

Starring our favorite villaness, The Demonesss Vedis.

2014.12.26 - On the Other Hand
2014.12.25 - The Mirror



Hadley is a lovely friend of mine in Second Life.  She and I have been working on a rather involved story line for her character over the past few months.  Part of this story line required her to update her avatar.  I think she did an amazing job!  Here are two pictures, taken and edited by the lady herself, for your viewing pleasure.