Dream Form Skulls

These skulls are truly works of art, in a way that I can even describe.  When I saw these skulls I said to myself, “WOW.  Someone took some of the most AMAZING acid and did some of the most DEEPEST trancework I have never had the pleasure to see the results from.”

Then I realized all these skulls are in porcelain.

Seriously porcelain dream skulls.  I think…I think I just had a geekasm.

Now, click on the pictures and be prepared to be absolutely stunned.  I have no words for the time and effort and SKILL that went into these pieces.

Katsuyo Aoki…You are my new Artist of Awesome.  *nods*

Check out his webpage you will be glad you did.


That’s a bit Dice-y




Oh.  You KNOW I’m going to have to post this.  Dice…no…not just dice…SKULL DICE.

Printed from a 3D printer, these dice are little tiny skulls that hold up the numbers.  Now, keep in mind, I don’t play any role playing games where I would need these lovely little doodads.  But that doesn’t stop me from going into a world of geeky squee when I find them.

The webpage loads slow, so bear with me…it’s worth the wait!


For the Pirate in ya!

This corset is so cute!  I like the side closures.  And the fabric is skulls! (can you tell I’m on a skull kick?)  It’s got lace on the sleeves, gathered with cute little black ribbons as accents, which is thoughtful.  the skirt looks a wee bit cheap but I can’t tell if it’s hemmed or surged.  I much perfer hemmed.  Gives it a more professional look.


Check out the other colors at Loriann37’s store

Jolly Roger Hair Combs

These hair combs are nice, I’ve got a pair of twisted wire ones at home and they are better with thick hair, preferably dirty, ’cause I can’t get them to stay in my hair for long periods of time…say like…over 4 hours.

But where else do you find such pretty skull hair combs?  It’s girly AND has skulls.  I’m all for it.

The picture washes out the skulls pretty nicely, so you lose some of the detail, but this closeup is a bit better.

Check out Ghostlovejewelry for more along the same lines.  I like how they think!

Ram Skull Necklace

Can I tell you how long I have been looking for this?  Long time…really long time…like…10 years, which ok, in the scheme of the entire history of time isn’t that long, but I’m only 31, gimme a break.

I found this cute little Ram Skull on Etsy, and if it wasn’t for the $200 price tag, I would so be snatching it up.  It’s worth every penny.  I just don’t have enough pennies.

It’s fantastic, realistic, metal and the horns are still attached!  Check out BillyBlue22’s shop and this fantastic piece.  I’m in love.  I can’t get enough, so I’ll post another picture.



Skull Fabric

LOVELY!  These fabrics make me want to make something.  I don’t know what yet…but how can I not?!  It’s steamy, AND has skulls.  Spoonflower is a website that lets you upload your own picture, and they will print fabric for you!  It’s a bit expensive, but this way you know you have the perfect fabric for whatever craft projects you are working on!

Flourish Red

Where the Wild Roses Grow (Black)

Skulluxe skullblossom

Bird Brain? Nah, But the Skull’s Pretty Damn Cool!

I think I’m in love.

Ok, we all know I am a fan of skulls.  And by ‘we’ I mean me and my rather small collection of skulls.  I’m always on the look out for new, feminine skulls.  Not FEMALE skulls, ’cause really, a skull is a skull, even with a pink bow it’s fairly asexual.  It’s more the cult of the head I’m interested in, rather than the ‘I’m a badass’ look that some folks like.

If you want to wear skulls ’cause your a badass though, who am I to say your wrong? *waves and smiles*

Anyway, Skulls.  Hrm….OH yes!  Look what I found!

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the true awesomeness of this pendant.

*grins* Isn’t it great?!  This pendant is definitely on my ‘want’ list.

Check out all the amazing skull pendants you can get from Moon Raven Designs over on their etsy shop.

And just for my own squee factor, a second, most awesome skull pendant: