Leigh’s Spell

Na’amah  stumbles into the Black Rose body ridged with pain.  She pauses in the doorway to catch her breath, letting the door close and latch behind her.  She reached out with her senses and nods, the place was empty.

She giggles, then gasps and arches as the pain flares inside her.  She staggers forward, leaning heavily on the railing leading to her office. 

Leigh, in her twisted haze of grief, had cast a spell on her.  She had cursed her to feel pain with joy, and the thought made her giggle again, which had her legs going weak under her.  She moans loudly, the pleasure, as always, racing behind the pain to wash over her.  Her body responding to the pain as it always does, as she was created to respond. 
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The Demon’s Homecoming

She strides quietly her footsteps light, purposeful. She pauses at the door, a striking figure silhouetted in the dim light of the moon. There is no hiding what she is. The dark horns on her head, adorned with silver hoops, the large leathery wings tucked tightly behind her, the twin tails that flick anxiously in the doorway. Even without these things her skin, the color of pale ashes, and those eyes, deep pools of shadow that seem to draw the unwary in, her unearthly beauty, these things would mark her as demon. Indeed, she is a study in black and white, the only color upon her was the bright shock of long red hair, and her moist red lips. The rest of her seems to blend into the moonlight and shadows of her favorite haunts.

She steps inside the door, letting it swing shut behind her. She falls into darkness, the shadows rushing up as if to greet her, and mayhap they do. She steps forward, toward the lone candle ensconced in the lantern on the table, left on, no doubt by the estate manager. She had called ahead that morning and told him she would be by to look over the property. Strange that he himself had not chosen to stay behind to show her around.
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The Demon’s Oath

The Queen chuckles, looking down at you.

“So you wish to join our little family?” she purrs, her sharp intelligent eyes assessing your shifting figure before her. She leans forward, a small frown playing across her face.

“There are a few things you need to know before you can make this decision. I do want you to be informed of the oath you are about to take.” She pauses, lost in thought before standing abruptly, to pace before the throne.
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