Yule Time Triad

One of my friends asked what got me in the mood for the holidays. Thinking about his question made me very wistful for days gone by.

I love the sight of evergreen and candles. The smell of cinnamon and eggnog. The taste of Grandma’s cinnamon rolls and roasted almonds.

I love the sparkling glint of silver and gold seen through frosted windows. I love the fog of your breath as you play out in the snow and the delightful warmth of the fireplace when you come in to thaw out.

These are the things that remind me of the holidays, these are the things I miss the most. Perhaps next year I will feel settled enough to get my yule wreath again. I’m not big into decorating, but that is one of the things I did every year and loved it.

I suppose I still have time to do some baking if I really wanted to. That might be nice. I’ve already got ideas for next year’s Yule Gifts. So that makes me happy!

Here are three poems I have written in the past about the yuletide season.  I like to break them out about this time each year and remember times long gone.


The Time of Yule

Winter’s Restlessness

Yule’s Blessing