Fiendish Pleasures Series

The Fiendish Pleasures Series is a work in progress.  It is the novel I started for NaNoWritMo of 2009.

Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones is the first novella in a series of novellas that I am writing.  I wanted to do one big novel, but I’ve found my ideas are more suited to a bunch of short stories, that merge into one long storyline.  DoWMT is complete and available here. Bloodlust and Betrayal is in the works.

Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones:


Download Dreaming of White Marble Tombstones


Dreams are strange creatures. They can inspire the greatest poets, and bring terror to the smallest child. They can teach us to fly, or trap us in a hell of our own creation.

Charles knows all about hell. He has been dreaming of white marble tombstones for as long as he can remember. And it’s damned him. Or perhaps it was the mysterious call of the strangely seductive demoness who has stolen his heart.

Either way, his friends try one last gamble to try and save his soul from the evils wrought upon him, to seek out forgiveness from those he has wronged in hopes to free him from her hold. But sometimes it’s not demons but mortals themselves that work the worst damage to a young man’s soul. When Charles is confronted with the demoness herself can he bring himself to walk away from her plight or will he find himself forever lost in the kindness of evil’s touch?


Fan Works!

Velvet by A. Patch – A short story from one of my favorite fans.

Twisted Sisters – A photo from Astrid Floresby



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