Quick Links

I post my writing on this blog.  It’s the whole reason why this blog was founded.  But I also post a lot of OTHER stuff on this blog as well, and sometimes it can get hard to find the writing with the gentle scroll of content.

This page has been set up to highlight the poems and short stories that might have gotten lost in the shuffle.


The Life and Death of Love Chapbook
Heron’s Mistress
Winter’s Restlessness
To My Husband
Lift Me Up
Seeress’ Kiss
Awareness in Rounds
Yule Blessings
By Your Side
The Time of Yule
Watching My Love
Relationships 2
Let Me Go
Little White Lightening
Irridescent Dewdrops

Short Stories:

The Demon Chronicles:

Al and the Demoness
A Demon’s Thorn and The Elves’ Queen
The Demon’s Oath
The Demon’s Homecoming
Leigh’s Spell
Retrieving Medea

Eudora Toki; Airship
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Writer’s Guild Exercises
A Dance – Your Move
DR Fanfic – I love the dead
Goodnight Pinkie
DR Fanfic – Fuck Krampus

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